The Weapons of Enderain

In this quick guide we will cover the main weapon types used in the game, as well as the Northstar plastic Stargrave weapons that fit them best.

You can use any figures you want, but if you’re new and want to get started fast, then these plastics offer a quick and cheap way to build your Team and get gaming.


Blasters are the main weapons in use on Enderain, along with pistols.

Two-handed laser, plasma, or very occasionally old solid shot weapons, they offer the best combination of mobility and firepower.

The cheapest Blasters are unreliable and not hugely effective, but they do have a good range; while the best offer long range and incredible firepower.


These can be used as a primary weapon, and indeed some have immense hitting power (HP) in the game.

They tend to be just used as secondary weapons (sidearms) carried by Hackers, Remote Controllers, Assassins, and Medics, who all have other tasks to perform rather than firing.

However, a few souls carry double pistols, which can deliver great firepower in two directions with fast movement, although at a significant cost to accuracy.


The “pocket artillery” of the Team. Potent, with a long range and immense hitting power, every team really does need one unless their strategy is fast movement.

Drop the Rocket Launcher off, and it can provide both direct and indirect fire support. Some even have advanced munitions that allow them to move around corners, negating cover.

However, they are expensive and the carrier is often static and vulnerable if not supported, which can mean less Team members available for other tasks.


Think shotgun. Firing a wall of metal, or plasma, balls/bolts into a pattern.

Although not blessed with great range, against bunched targets they can be absolutely deadly.

The Shredder is a tough weapon to get into action due to its range and indiscriminate nature, but in the right circumstances it can be a mission winner.


The Speedbolt gun unleashes a huge volume of charged bolts at the target, with residual shots often hitting those close by.

They can be incredibly effective, but do lack the hitting power to take down targets with good armour.

General Support Weapon

The General Support Weapon (GSW) is a heavy laser support weapon. With a long range, and heavy hitting power, it is perfect for using as a base of fire.

GSW’s known as Firebases can also set-up and remotely controlled to ensure better protection for the firer.

The downside is that they are heavy and encumbering, which can leave the carrier vulnerable and also limits their role in a mission.


Although not a common weapon, due to their slow and limited nature, in the right circumstances and with the right Team balance, they can be deadly effective.

Taking up a position with a long and clear field of fire, in the hands of an expert they can be used to pick off key opponents with ease.

As with other fire support weapons (Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, GSW’s) a sidearm is essential, even if it’s a cheap one from Rage Industries.