Playtest: Full Co-op Game

We are currently playtesting the 10 part campaign that will launch soon after the core Enderain rulebook kit.

Enderain can be played as a full co-op game. It can also therefore be played solo, and the NPC system allows for 1-4 players to play against the NPCs.

So it’s perfect for you solo gamers out there!

I can’t exactly reveal how the NPC’s are controlled, but it is through a set of custom dice (included in the game) that drive all aspects of their spawning and decisions.

This makes it really easy and quick to integrate NPCs into the game, and the dice system manages it all with minimal effort.

Game: The Raid

This isn’t a full AAR, more a quick overview to showcase the co-op element built right into the heart of Enderain.

The game is a raid on a secure data storage complex. You have been asked to use you expertise to break in and obtain as much data as possible, so that those planning a rebellion against the Vigilant forces can use it.

There were two teams going in, one with the core of 8 characters, and the other with a Support Bot as part of the team ( Support Bots are hackers and medics rolled into one).

Table was set-up as below. The data storage unit was in the centre. The comple around it, with entry points on all edges.

Doors had to be blown at the decided entry points, and then the teams went in.

NPCs were deployed pre-game using the Co-op deployment rules sequence, that spawns initial NPCs. In addition there were guards on the doors into the data vault.

The table layout (3 x3′)

Once deployed, we could see that the spawning had been pretty savage. A lot of Vigilant troopers, plus Kill Team special forces, plus a light battle Mech. Not good!

Vigilant troopers swarming around one of the 2 ways into the data vault!

We decided to break each team into two groups, each under a leader who could activate the whole group and get them moving in fast.

For each team, one was the fast moving group with hacker, medic and other who would get to the vault, blow or hack the reinforced doors, and then get inside and download as much data as possible.

The other groups would consist of the fire support weapons, to try and pick off NPCs before they could get to the vault.

My Grenadier and Gunner take up position where they can see across the compound. My No.2 (soldier) hides on a corner ready to move fast if NPC’s head towards to vault.

So both teams went in fast. The fire support teams with snipers, rocket launchers, speedbolt gunners, and grenade launchers, took up positions with fields of fire.

Meanwhile, the teams containing faster moving elements headed for the vault doors. Unfortunately, Amy’s team got caught out when a Mech spawned on the table edge behind them.

Dashing for the open, poor old Dave, recruit who almost died in the previous game, got caught in the open and put out of the game.

Poor Dave gets it from a Vigilant trooper and a light battle Mech

My team got to the door and my hacker actually managed to open it. So we didn’t have to resort to using an explosive device, which would have delayed things as we exited the area to detonate it.

Amy’s hacking group waits while some NPCs are knocked out before making a dash for the data vault.

Getting into the vault, joined by Amy’s group, we started downloading data while outside rocket launchers tried to pick off the Vigilant troopers and Mechs.

Two large battle Mechs (Marauders) spawned in successive turns. One came in from a table edge corridor. Worse, the second one spawned 6 inches from the centre of the table, right outside the data vault.

Thankfully, my rocket launcher dude was in a good position and a direct hit blew it to pieces.

The door is hacked open and groups from both teams head inside.

Seeing more NPCs spawning and moving towards the exit of the data vault, some of my team got outside to throw grenades and fire blasters and pistols at them.

My Scout dashed forward and threw a stun grenade. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite to plan, and only one of the targets went down. Immediately the other one was able to target him and caused some serious wounds.

Find that data and upload it!

Things continue to go badly for Amy’s team. Her support group were on top of the building, and her sniper was targeted by a Maruader heavy battle Mech.

With such firepower hitting her sniper (the poor old sniper bear seems to always get knocked out of the game), it was out the game with two bursts of fire.

We have it all! Get out! Go! Go!

At that point we had enough data uploaded by our hackers and my Support Bot to fulfil the mission criteria, and so it was time to make our way in a disorderly fashion towards the exits.

Things got messy for a time, two of my team becoming badly wounded.

But other than that, everyone got out of the complex apart from the two of her team who were put out by the NPCs.

So we passed the mission, and got victory points towards achieving an individual campaign victory score.

In terms of those put out on battlefield, the sniper bear made it back, but unfortunately Dave the recruit wasn’t so lucky second time out. He made it back, but died of his wounds in the arms of the team’s dedicated medic.

A fun game, over in just 90 minutes. More importantly the scenario worked well, and as usual the Enderain NPC rules provided a full co-op experience that was challenging and fun!

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