How To Colour-Code NPCs For Fast Use

The NPC dice supplied with Enderain will spawn NPCs that need to be marked as one of three colour classes: RED, BLUE, GREEN.

You could use tiddlywinks or other small coloured counters. But this means on-table clutter that has to be picked up and moved with the miniature.

A simple alternative is to make coloured counters that sit under the miniatures stand (usually 20mm circles). Then, they can be picked up and moved far more easily.

You don’t have to spend any money, and any small coloured label that allows quick visual tracking of NPCs to be activated will work.

The “ultimate” method though, is to add magentic material to the underside of the miniatures stands, and create magnetic class counters that will attach and can be picked up and moved with zero additional effort.

STEP 1: Buy magnetic sheet material

You can cheaply buy pre-cut magentic sheets from places like Ebay and Amazon. This is the option that we used:

STEP 2: Buy circular sticker sheets

The next step is to buy some printable label sheets with 25mm circles on them (Avery labels are the most famous). They are cheap and can be bought from Amazon or Ebay, or Avery:

STEP 3: Print coloured labels and construct

Once you have the magentic sheet and stickers, you just need to colour them.

The easiest way to do this, without messing around with creating circles in a Word Processor, is to just download the pdf block colour sheets here, and print them onto the white label sheets.

Then, simply unpeel them one at a time and stick to each side of a magentic counter, to create a double-sided, magentic, class marker.

STEP 4: Magnetise the underside of your miniature stand

The final step is to get yourself a a sheet of steel/magnetising paper, cut it into circles, and stick them to the underside of your NPCs.

Known as “ferrous sheet” it will work with the magentic counters to attach and hold the counter under the miniatures base.

Make yourself a supply of each colour, and then it’s a simple job to attach the spawned colour to the NPC in seconds and it will stay attached for moving around during the rest of your game.