Game FAQs

When is Enderain being launched?

We are aiming to launch the game at the end of October 2022. This will depend on whether the dice and cards that are being printed in China arrive in time.

How many figures will I need to play?

Each player is a captain controlling a team. This is a group of 8 characters. In addition, a team can also have a robot. For certain missions a team may also hire a mercenary specialist. So, at a maximum, a team in Enderain will consist of 10 figures.

In terms of NPCs, you don’t need to use them at all if you do not wish to. However, depending on the spawn list used (Vigilant, Urban, or Wilderness) the miniatures you need will vary from as few as 5 to 20+. It will depend on the list, the player count, and the luck of the dice in terms of how often spawning happens.

What do I get in the game kit?

You will get a hardback, full colour, rulebook. You will also receive the card deck that runs the game, and the NPC AI dice set. In addition, you will get 3 QR sheets (Powers/Roles, Game mechanics, NPC rules). Plus, you will get an MDF team tracker that is used in the game to track wounds and experience.

What miniatures does the game use?

You can use whatever miniatures you want. The game is not tied to a figure range, and has been specifically designed to be miniatures agnostic. Closer to launch we will be putting together a guide on all the miniatures we have used during game development, to give you some ideas on range you could use if you are starting from scratch.

What about supporting material?

On launch a download section will be available. It will contain “ready to use” teams constructed for standard 1500 point games, so you can print and play in minutes. There will also be a blank team roster sheet that tracks everything you will need, as well as a team calculations sheet for when you construct your own teams. There will also be some sample scenarios to get you started as well.

Will there be a campaign to play?

We are already playtesting a 10 part narrative-driven campaign, which will introduce you to the planet of Enderain and the story behind its current dystopian nightmare. The campaign will be released as a seperate campaign book about 6 months after the Enderain rules launch. The campaign supplement will also introduce some optional rules, resources, and lore.


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